Standard transfer rates include: 



Transfer of HDV or miniDV (SD) tape to DVD                     $25.00

Transfer of camcorder DVD (finalized) to DVD                  $15.00

Transfer of camcorder DVD (unfinalized) to DVD             $25.00

Transfer of Memory Card (SD video) to DVD                     $25.00

Transfer of Memory Card (HD except P2) to DVD            $40.00

     Video tape - NTSC VHS or sVHS only 

Transfer of VHS tape (SP mode 2 hour - 1 disc) to DVD              $25.00

Transfer of VHS tape (EP mode 4 hour - 2 discs) to DVD            $50.00

Transfer of VHS tape (LP mode 6 hour - 3 discs) to DVD            $75.00

note - tapes recorded in LP mode will generally not transfer well.

Extra DVD copies at time of transfer                                   $2.00/each

Custom label printed on DVDs (email us a picture file)        $1.00/disc

DVD duplication (first copy)                                                   $10.00

Custom editing, or authoring available email for quote               $35.00/hr


Prices subject to change without notice, always check the website for the latest updates.