1) What is the process you use to transfer to DVD?

The process to transfer miniDV or VHS tape is similar.  If we are starting with miniDV, the tape is played and sent through firewire to the computer where it is captured in DVavi format.  The DVavi is encoded into DVD compliant mpeg-2 video and AC-3 audio.  The video and audio files are fed into a DVD authoring program where chapters are added and the format is changed into the vobs and ifos that are required by DVD players.  VHS tape is played and captured through a digitizing card in the computer into DVD compliant mpeg-2 format.  The rest of the steps for VHS follow the miniDV routine.

2) What programs do you use to transfer to DVD?  

The programs we use are all professional level encoders and authoring applications.  We do not use any all-in-one shortcuts on your project, nor do we use a DVR to record your video direct to DVD from the analog output.

3) How long does it take to transfer to DVD?

Transferring both miniDV and VHS occurs in real time.  An hour tape takes one hour to transfer to the computer, about an hour and a half  is required to encode and author to DVD.  Burning onto a DVD disk takes  about ten minutes.  Total processing time is about two and a half times the tape running length.

4) Could I do it myself?

Yes, if you have the required equipment: firewire card and cable for DVavi, or digital capture card for VHS; mpeg-2 encoding software, DVD authoring software, DVD burning software, or an all-in-one program.  Your computer will be entirely tied up for the time it takes for it to complete the process, a typical home computer user will require approximately four hours to finish the conversion after learning the routine.

5) How soon can I expect my DVDs to be delivered?

Normal turnaround is 2 to 3 weeks, but during seasonal busy times around the holidays possibly a little longer.  Rush processing is available, email us for current time frame and cost.

6) What about copy protected and/or illegal material?

Do not send any questionable material.  We will not transfer any video for which you do not own the rights.  Any observed illegal activity is required to be reported to the authorities.

7) What if my tape isn't able to be transferred?

Unusable tapes will be returned.  There is a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of setup, testing, and return postage.